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Host : Adam Begin

Historically Haunted Show On Paranormal King Radio Network


Fridays @ 8pm est

We are a group of paranormal investigators and podcasters in Texas, with over 20+ years of investigative experience. We serve the entire state of Texas and surrounding states, and are willing to travel further on a case by case basis. We investigate personal residences/property, land, commercial buildings, abandoned buildings, and well-known paranormal hotspots throughout the country.


Tuesdays @ 8pm cst

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Sundays @ 6pm cst

We are a paranormal team and podcast that interviews people from all likes of the paranormal field. We try and educate and help reach viewers with serious questions about the paranormal world so these people can discover not only answers to their questions but whats new in the paranormal field. We do this by broadcasting live from a Spirited Historic Hotel built in 1856,so you never know ? something strange might happen during a live show.

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