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Tucson AZ
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CrimsonCurse Paranormal Researchers

Angela M. – Founder, Lead Investigator

Alyssa B. – Co Founder, Photographer, Investigator

Estevan M – Investigator, Cameraman, Photographer

Alex R. – Investigator, Graphic Designer, Video Editor

Nathaniel M. –Research Specialist, Investigator

Angel M. – Research Specialist, Investigator

Brianna L.H. – International Lead Investigator, Research Specialist (Germany)

Eddie L. – Research Specialist

Mickey – Research Specialist, Investigator

Jon B. – Investigator

Kevin W. – Research Specialist, Investigator

Luca O. – International Lead Investigator, Research Specialist (Italy)

CrimsonCurse Paranormal Researchers was founded in 2014 in Arizona, throughout the years the team has expanded out of the United States into Germany and Italy.  Each member brings their own set of specialized skills to the team as they work together researching experiences and phenomena outside of the normal scientific understanding.  Angela, the Founder, and Alyssa, the Co-Founder, of CCPR have collectively been in the field well over 30+ years with investigations all over the United States and in Italy. 

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