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Jackson MS
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Supernatural Investigation Group

Founder Deborah "Deb" Broadus

Co- Founder Madison Hollinghead

Co- Founder Austin Hollinghead

Pearl, MS

The Supernatural Investigation Group (SIG) is a group of family and friends in search of proof, and to help others to find peace in situations that they may not understand. We use various modern technologies and equipment in an attempt to find evidence of the paranormal. If we can help you please let us know we will be more than glad to. SIG has two teams the investigation team and a Cleansing and Blessing team. We are non profit and do not charge for our services. The members of SIG are a diverse group with differing educational, religious, and social backgrounds. Each member brings a unique perspective to our work, and having such varieties ensures we look at out cases without tunnel-vision. We have active members who go out and do field work, and we have members who provide support behind the scenes. But all our members are important and necessary for SIG to function properly. We have a Demonologist, several Ordained , Sensitives that have many gifts that they use and Mediums. We do residitial and commercial properties. If we can be of assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

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