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Here you can find important questions an answers for your Paranormal Business. If you do not see a question you might have please email us and we will be happy to answer them for you.


How much does it cost to have my Paranormal Business added to your website?

We do not charge anything it is free. simply email us your information and we will verify you then add you. Go to our information page to see what we need to add you. or look below to question #2


What information do you need to have my Paranormal Team added?


* Team photo or Logo

* Team Name

* City and State or Country and City

* Email

* Team members names and titles within the team

* Facebook Link

* Website Link Optional

* Twitter optional

* Youtube Optional

* Mini Bio

Also see our pricing / info page to see what we need.


Do I need to provide a phone number to you?


No. We will never ask for your phone number. We keep this information off our website for your privacy. We ask for your email address so a potential client can email you and than you can provide that if necessary to the client directly.


What if I want to change information on your website?


Email us with the new information and we will make the changes. You can make as many changes as you want, there is never a charge. We will email you back to let you know when the changes have been made.


How long does it take before my Paranormal Business is added?


We will add your Paranormal Business within 48 hrs. Once we verify your business we will then proceed to add you. We will email you when your business is added to our website.

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