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Parapaloosa was created for the sole purpose of bringing social media friends together within the paranormal field or fans of the field at an iconic location. Lets be real here, how many of you have fb friends you've had for years but never met within the field?  Why not come together for a three day paranormal festival to meet face to face take photos and create memories. That is why Parapaloosa was created, there will be no big speakers just us who love the field. We will have music, free booths to sell items ,live podcasts, food trucks, adult drinks, games and teams that join Paranormal Depot Web Directory will be automatically entered into a drawing to investigate the location we will be at for free...Investigate for free!!!... Part of the proceeds from the Paranormal Depot Web Directory will go to funding Parapaloosa. Parapaloosa paranormal festival is for you to come together have fun and create memories......We look forward to seeing you there.

Subscribe your team to Paranormal Depot and  be entered in the drawing to investigate an iconic location for free...

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